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5/14/2014 - Department of Labor Materials - You can access the documents by clicking here.

5/18/2013 - Julius R. (Butch) Greiffendorf, Sr. Passes Away.  NABC is sad to learn of the death of long-time friend and industry supporter, Butch Greiffendorf from Michigan.  Butch's contributions and accomplishments in the blueberry harvester and equipment are many and he will be missed by all.  (Obituary in Kalamazoo Newspaper)

2/26/2013 - Norm Hartman selected for Alex Wetherbee Award.

Norm Hartman, of TMT Worldwide, a media training and crisis management firm located in California, has been selected by the NABC for the 2013 Alex Wetherbee (Calyx) Award.  The award was presented at the NABC Spring Meeting in Savannah, Georgia.  For the past years, Mr. Hartman has become a valuable resource to the blueberry industry and his dedication was acknowledged in the award ceremony.  Thanks to Norm for the great service and friendship to the entire highbush blueberry industry.

2/26/2013 - Dr. Paul Lyrene Ph.D selected for Duke Galletta Award.

Paul Lyrene, professor of horticulture and plant breeding and genetics in the Horticultural Sciences Department of the University of Florida in Gainsville has been selected for the Duke Galletta Award for Horticultural Research for 2013.  In addition to blueberry breeding, Lyrene also studies interspecific hybridization and polypoid evolution, using various species of Vaccinium that are native in the southeastern USA as the subjects of his experiments.  Paul is well respected by his peers around the world and a great friend to the blueberry world.  

12/18/2012 - NABC Pushes for market Access for US Fresh Blueberries for South Korea.

NABC has continued its effort to open blocked fresh blueberry markets around the world with the South Korea access in the works.  USHBC has developed comprehensive information background needed for maket access and NABC has now teamed with USDA - Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).  APHIS and NABC are asking the Korean Government to open the blueberry friendly market for fresh shipments from the entire USA.  The State of Oregon already gained market access last year and this development will give opportunities for Koreans to enjoy fresh blueberries year-round.