Fresh Thoughts: Acknowledging Where We Are

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I was recently on the phone with one of our blueberry farmers discussing the current state of the industry. He was sharing just how frustrated and concerned he was with the current market conditions for his blueberry business.

I agreed with his assessment and acknowledged that “global production is outpacing current consumption and consumer demand trends.”

Fresh Thoughts: Organizing A Blueberry Rally In Washington, D.C.

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Fresh Thoughts: Organizing A Blueberry Rally In Washington, D.C. Planning for our USHBC and NABC Spring Meetings is well underway. In fact, the theme for our days in Washington, D.C., is looking more and more like a blueberry rally. How so? Between our reports on new marketing and promotion initiatives to drive volume of processed and fresh blueberries, and answering …

Fresh Thoughts: Advocating On Your Behalf

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Last week, the USHBC Promotion Committee met in Dallas. This week, it was the NABC Legislative Committee meeting virtually by videoconference to discuss the current state of play in today’s political environment and the issues that need to be addressed on behalf of the blueberry industry.  Convening the first meeting of the year, committee chair Ken Patterson outlined a vision …

Fresh Thoughts: Tackling Food Service In Dallas

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This week, I had the opportunity to participate in the USHBC’s Promotion Committee and Export Subcommittee’s 2020 planning process in Dallas. Led by Bob Carini and Dave Arena respectively, the committees discussed domestic and global market conditions, issues and opportunities. The challenges are many, but it was encouraging to see this group of industry representatives and leaders discuss how to best focus …

Fresh Thoughts: We’re Listening!

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Over the past two weeks, I’ve received a number of calls, voicemails, emails and even a couple of letters from NABC members and some non-members regarding their concerns with the state of the blueberry industry. There’s good reason to be concerned and even frustrated.  Between domestic production and import supply, our NABC area representatives are predicting the largest “pile” of …

Fresh Thoughts: We’re Heading To PMA’s Fresh Summit!

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Have you ever attended the largest fresh produce show in the country? This week, Marketing Manager Vicki De Bruin and I will be heading down to Anaheim, California, to see the “big show” — Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit. Over 22,000 people will be attending from over 60 countries. A lot of blueberry marketers will be there, and I look …

Fresh Thoughts: Celebrating in Tri-Cities

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What a great first impression and experience! Being new to the blueberry industry, I really enjoyed my first opportunity to participate in last week’s NABC/USHBC’s Fall Meetings.  Over the course of our four days in eastern Washington, we had almost 250 people from across the country and throughout our industry join us in Tri-Cities, Washington. It was an action-packed week …

Fresh Thoughts: KISS

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What Should We Keep, Improve, Stop or Start? On Sunday, I’ll be heading to Tri-Cities, Washington, for my first NABC/USHBC Fall Meetings. I’m really looking forward to it. The schedule is packed, there are a lot of important NABC/USHBC reports and updates to share, and we’re at capacity. For the past several months, our team has been working closely with …

Dr. Paul Lyrene Ph.D selected for Duke Galletta Award.

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Dr. Paul Lyrene Ph.D selected for Duke Galletta Award. Paul Lyrene, professor of horticulture and plant breeding and genetics in the Horticultural Sciences Department of the University of Florida in Gainsville has been selected for the Duke Galletta Award for Horticultural Research for 2013.  In addition to blueberry breeding, Lyrene also studies interspecific hybridization and polypoid evolution, using various species …