Mission & Vision Statement

North American Blueberry Council Mission Statement:

The North American Blueberry Council (NABC) is a key advocate for the success and profitability of the highbush blueberry industry. As such, the NABC assists its membership in addressing issues regarding market access; provides counsel in the development of standards for quality and food safety; and serves as a source for helping to manage and communicate industry issues as a voice for the North American highbush industry.

Our mission is to encourage cooperation among the international blueberry community and in doing so the NABC provides its members with timely, market relevant information such as seasonal crop reports, monthly cold storage figures and yearly production data, as well as background, education and relevant information related to good industry practices. As an industry advocate, the NABC also represents and serves as a voice for members of the North American highbush blueberry industry in legislative and political concerns.