Real Seal

Blueberry Real Seal

Consumers prefer real over artificial. To assure consumers they are getting real cultivated blueberries, display the Blueberry Real Seal on your package. This symbol flags products containing real, cultivated blueberries or real, cultivated blueberry co-products (purees, juices, concentrates, etc.) What are cultivated blueberries? Quite simply, they are an improved variety of blueberry. A number of varieties have been cultivated to take advantage of desirable characteristics.

An opportunity for you

Both trade and consumer marketing plans have been implemented to spread the word on the Blueberry Real Seal. Companies using the Blueberry Real Seal on their product packaging will benefit from increased cultivated blueberry awareness generated by continuing NABC consumer publicity programs and other NABC market development activities.

What the consumer has told  us

  • Consumers will pay more for products containing real blueberries.
  • On average, consumers are willing to pay up to 30% more for products containing real blueberries.
  • Consumers prefer real over artificial.
  • 81% of consumers said they were less likely to purchase a product, knowing it contained artificial blueberries.
  • Those surveyed noted that blueberries are:
  • Consumers know blueberries are nutritious.
  • Blueberries play a healthy role in a healthy diet. Consumers are aware of the fact that “Fruit is good for you ” “Blueberries are low in calories

(Source: NABC Attitude and Usage Study, The Rose Organization)

Consumers don’t want imitations

Our research shows that consumers know some products contain artificial blueberries and feel that artificial blueberries are not as flavorful, fresh or healthy as real blueberries.

Knowing a product contains artificial blueberries reduces the chance it will be purchased. Let consumers know your product contains real, cultivated blueberries by using the Blueberry Real Seal on your product packaging.

Real and nutritious, cultivated blueberries fit perfectly in the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid and compliment other food groups. Cultivated blueberries add nutrition and variety to a healthy diet.

Real blueberries are eaten up by consumers

Real blueberries are found in almost every food category imaginable. Baked goods, dairy products, beverages, cereals, condiments, confections, snacks and even prepared foods contain real blueberries.

Use the Real Seal to let consumers know they are getting a good value with real cultivated blueberries.

Quick and easy steps

  • Go right to the Application Page here on the Blueberry Web page.
  • E-mail a request
  • Fill out and fax, e-mail, or mail the Mini Application
  • A Real Seal contract and additional program information will be sent to you.
  • A simple way to confirm your use of real, cultivated blueberries.
  • Completed Real Seal applications will be reviewed by the North American Blueberry Council
  • Upon approval, receive Blueberry Real Seal artwork and permission to use the Real Seal.

P.S. it’s free!

All art work is available in camera ready black and white or color.