U Pick Farm

U Pick Etiquette

blueberry-iconNot all Blueberry Farms are U Pick.

Make sure to check with the farmer, confirm the times, dates and prices before entering the property.

blueberry-iconMost U pick farms post a per pound or per bucket rate for blueberries.

If in doubt, ask before you pick.

blueberry-iconBe prepared to get blue!
blueberry-iconWho could resist a sample of blueberries in the field?

But take it easy. Too many fresh blueberries at once could upset your stomach.

blueberry-iconWash your hands before picking.
blueberry-iconStay on trails and between rows.

Do not walk or stand on the plant root mounds as it will hurt the growth of the blueberries.

blueberry-iconBring your family, tell your friends and have a great time!

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